Prime AI introduces advanced technology dedicated to automatic product description to boost online sales

Technologies developed with artificial intelligence continue to take over the future, and now they are expanding to the commerce sector.
The Prime AI company, an expert in the creation of technologies compiled from artificial intelligence or AI, aims to boost sales of electronic commerce, its tools capable of describing products from an image come to light, turning the world of online sales.

The innovative technology developed by Prime AI specializes in different sectors such as the fashion retail industry, but they also cover other types of markets such as applications.
Thanks to its tools it is possible to accurately analyze a certain product and define its characteristics according to different parameters such as color, type, measurements and more if it is a garment. After performing the exhaustive analysis of the garment, the tool produces a description of the product in the blink of an eye, the descriptions are available for more than 50 languages.
This is an alternative solution to the manual description of products, a service that is somewhat expensive for the e-commerce industry, especially for the fashion sector, including the translation cost of each of the articles.
Prime AI seeks to reduce such costs, with its revolutionized AI-powered tool whose main task is to output automatic product descriptions, representing a new beginning for the e-commerce industry.
The purpose of the tool is not to take the place of the human hand, but to work in conjunction with the writer, providing attractive ideas from which you can build a better description, saving you work and time. Thanks to the contribution of ideas from the tool, the writer will not stray from the central idea and will achieve a more effective description.
One of Prime AI’s spokespersons said that these new automated description tools will make it easier for e-commerce retailers to enjoy the AI that appears to be driving the future of online sales.
Second-hand clothing markets or resellers of the product will also have access to the tool, helping them not only to describe the product but also to list it, a job that is usually heavy and cumbersome. The new technology will help the industry to create accurate and numbered listings of their products in multiple languages, giving them the possibility to knock on other doors in the world and increase their sales volume.
It is amazing what artificial technology is achieving in these times and the number of companies and industries that invest every day in AI, adding greater value to the tools that are developed from it.
Sometimes it is not easy for man to accept it and live with it, because there will always be the fear of being replaced by them, but the reality is different, artificial intelligence was born from our hands, and with the passage of time it learns more and more. of the human being and works in combination with it, an example of this are the writers who today can enjoy the creation of articles with artificial intelligence and combine their writings with the attractive ideas provided by AI.
Prime AI contributed its tools to relieve the weight of investments in electronic commerce and at the same time help in the description of the products, but always in conspiracy with the writer, AI is the future, and sometimes or almost always it will be there to help us .


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