The correct way to build wealth
Growing investment concept

The right way to build wealth

This article is about something that we were taught wrong in school. It’s about saving. Saving has nothing to do with what we save, it’s always about making water with what we save, that’s what it’s all about.
People who want to accumulate wealth are unaware of the fact that, for the most part, it is not about saving. It’s not what he has in the bank, it’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter at all, obviously it comes if you have it under your pillow the money will no longer be there and it won’t be in the locker either.

The correct way to build wealth

Growing investment concept

Some believe that the money in the locker leaves and is taken by a child. This is how the multiplication of money works, not money following its cycle, because the three principles of the language of money are making money, saving money, multiplying money and a large number of those who pass level one, that is, earn money, fail in level two. Why? Because they’re conditioned to have it right away, they always want things right away, they have the things they don’t need, and we’ve already trained them to do all the old stuff. Dad, I want the ice cream, not now, then I’ll start writing. It’s okay, you have it, the main thing is that he is. I want this every birthday for Christmas. I want the Harley and it’s going to rain on us.
If we calm down so as not to start yelling, but that ruins you in adulthood, you no longer have patience or wait, honey, it’s right away, that’s why the champions out there could get money because they have things right away, what did you have with them back then did you make your first salary? Most of his people, including me, usually buy with their first salary something they’ve wanted for a long time and don’t really need, or save months for it and then they could and that’s exactly it. That is a typical mistake that many people make as well which is the reason why she moves her money back and forth all the time at the zero barrier in her account balance.

Money maybe less more less more, it comes and goes all the time until old age. Few things you buy do you really need at least 90% of what you buy? All this rubbish costs but of course how you have things, because the beautiful things in life are not made to be bought, they are to be bought and that must be bought. What do you want the bulk of the purchase what do you like is the watch? Give yourself whatever you want for the trip, of course, because life is too precious to be without it, but it depends on how you think about it, what you have to do, with what money you buy these things, how do you buy them, that It’s the point, that’s the big difference for rich people who don’t buy the next watch with the next commission.

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Rich people buy these things with the money their assets have earned. That is the point because money does not have to follow a cycle. Only then can you really throw away the money you earn according to the motto you only live once, that’s the wrong way and saving all the money you earn and living for 30, 40 years according to the minimum principle is also the way wrong all this does not lead to prosperity, it leads to poverty and frustration, if you want to start generating wealth, the first thing you need to do for yourself is to answer the question: what is my ideal of financial prosperity? It looks different for everyone. That is subjective. Am I the next new one to get noticed, or do I just want to be safe in 100,000 BC on that ever since? Wealth and financial independence are subjective terms. They depend on your situation, on your needs. What do you think financial independence is? What do you think of when you hear this term? I always thought that Magic Millions Account is financially independent and there are many of them, that’s good. It doesn’t matter if you get a hundred thousand euros from the rush of millions or ten million, it doesn’t matter. You are financially independent when you can live off the returns on your investments, and that depends on how high production needs to be. That means wealth has more to do with spending than wealth, that’s the point.

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